Homemade Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Buttercream Icing

Lemon Layer Cake

Lemon desserts are one of my favorite things. I love that sweet and sour combination! This homemade Lemon Layer Cake with Lemon Buttercream icing is a great dessert to make for any type of celebration and it is sure to impress your guests. I like to add a little something extra to this cake with extra lemons for garnish and a generous layer of the lemon buttercream.

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Homemade Baked Cinnamon Twists with Vanilla Icing

Homemade Baked Cinnamon Twists

Okay, I have a confession to make. If I ever find myself inside a convenience store, I have THE HARDEST time passing up those cinnamon twists that can always be found with the donuts. Because I don’t often find myself in the convenience store (not many things can get me to take four kids inside of any store!), I decided to make my own Homemade Baked Cinnamon Twists. Now I am not saying that these cinnamon twists are the healthiest thing you can eat, but they are a better choice than the fried ones you typically see. I also thought that a quick and easy to make vanilla icing would give these just what they need to satisfy any sweet tooth. I hope your family loves these as much as ours!

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Cream Filled Chocolate Cake

A slice of cream filled chocolate cake

If you are looking for the perfect cake recipe to impress all of your friends and make all of your enemies jealous, you have come to the right place! This cream filled chocolate cake is everything that a cake needs to be: moist, rich, delicious, sinful, indulgent and so much more! A luscious cream filling is sandwiched between moist chocolate cake and it is all blanketed by a rich chocolate icing.

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Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

I have really been wanting to make a made-from-scratch strawberry cake recipe, but there are so many great recipes out there already. I decided that I would still do a strawberry cake recipe, but I wanted to make it unique in some way. I started considering flavors that go great with strawberry, and I came up with lemon. These strawberry cupcakes have a surprise ingredient (lemon pudding mix) which help to make them moist while also complimenting the flavor in the lemon buttercream icing.

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