Juicy Turkey Burgers with Jalapeno Mayo

Turkey Burger

Ground turkey is a great healthy alternative to ground beef, but it can sometimes turn out dry and a little lackluster. Good news – I have a secret trick to prevent that from happening in turkey burgers! My trick? I stick a cube of butter right in the center of the burger! The butter melts while the burger is cooking and it turns out so juicy and delicious! for these Juicy Turkey Burgers, I also made my easy jalapeño mayo to slather on top of the melted pepper jack cheese to give you just the right amount of heat.

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The Best Easy Turkey Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce

Turkey Enchiladas

I am a fan of ground turkey, but I sometimes struggle with ways to use it. Some foods that are typically made with ground beef just aren’t the same with ground turkey. Also, when ground turkey isn’t prepared just right, it can become dry and very lackluster. This recipe for The Best Easy Turkey Enchiladas is one that definitely puts that turkey to good use, and it is absolutely not lacking in flavor! This incredibly easy to make recipe is loaded with a fantastic homemade enchilada sauce, fresh cooked turkey, flour tortillas and lots of cheesy goodness. Try it out today!

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Turkey Lettuce Wraps – Quick and Easy to Make

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Our house is crazy almost all of the time. I have four little kids, and one husband who is the craziest of all. We are constantly on the go, and don’t usually have time for a dinner that takes a crazy long time to prepare. The problem with meals that can be prepared really quickly, is that a lot of them tend to be bland and pretty unhealthy. These Turkey Lettuce Wraps are super flavorful, fresh and won’t leave you feeling completely weighed down after eating them. Plus – they are soooo very delicious!

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