White Chocolate M&M Christmas Popcorn – So Easy!

White Chocolate M&M Christmas Popcorn

A few years ago, my good friend, Anne had a party at her house, and there was this absolutely delicious popcorn creation that she made. I had the hardest time staying away from it, and I was sure she had spent most of the day making it. When she gave me the recipe, I was shocked to find out just how easy it was to make. This White Chocolate M&M Christmas Popcorn is a variation of that recipe for the holiday season. This recipe requires only three ingredients and a few minutes, and everyone goes nuts for it! This is a great treat to make for parties, gift bags or just because.

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Halloween Monster Popcorn – Perfect for Parties & Gift Bags

Halloween Monster Popcorn

I am always searching for great halloween gift ideas that aren’t just candy. Don’t get me wrong, halloween candy is an amazing thing, but I feel like these days kids get SO MUCH of it! With us having four kids, the amount of candy that comes home from all of the parties and trick-or-treating is really out of control. This Halloween Monster Popcorn is great for filling gift bags for friends and teachers, giving to trick-or-treaters, serving at parties or just for enjoying at home.

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