Chesapeake Bay Crab Dip – Baked, Cheesy and Delicious!

crab dip

Most people would consider crab dip an appetizer, but I could honestly sit down with a dish of the stuff and a sleeve of buttery crackers and call it a meal. Growing up on the east coast of Virginia made me many things, and one of those is a seafood lover through and through. My favorite type of seafood, and the one food that I would choose as my last meal, is blue crabs. I will eat crabmeat prepared just about any way, but this Chesapeake Bay Crab Dip has to be one of my favorites.

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Cleaned and Steamed Blue Crabs – Chesapeake Bay Classic

Cleaned and Steamed Blue Crabs

Growing up on the middle peninsula of Virginia, cleaned and steamed blue crabs were a delicacy in our family. Not everyone likes to clean their crabs before steaming them, but we always do. Not only does cleaning the crabs ahead of time make eating them easier and cleaner, but it helps the crabs absorb more of the Old Bay flavor. Gather up some friends, melted butter, crackers and some cold beer and enjoy!

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