The Best Easy Turkey Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce

Turkey Enchiladas

I am a fan of ground turkey, but I sometimes struggle with ways to use it. Some foods that are typically made with ground beef just aren’t the same with ground turkey. Also, when ground turkey isn’t prepared just right, it can become dry and very lackluster. This recipe for The Best Easy Turkey Enchiladas is one that definitely puts that turkey to good use, and it is absolutely not lacking in flavor! This incredibly easy to make recipe is loaded with a fantastic homemade enchilada sauce, fresh cooked turkey, flour tortillas and lots of cheesy goodness. Try it out today!

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Brown Sugar Cinnamon Apple Enchiladas – So Easy!

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Apple Enchiladas

Okay so pumpkin desserts are cool and all, but they aren’t the star of the fall dessert show, in my opinion. Apple desserts get my vote all day, every day! There is just something so delicious about a warm apple dessert with some vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce that really gets my mouth watering! These Brown Sugar Cinnamon Apple Enchiladas are so incredibly easy to make. The recipe only calls for 5 easy ingredients, and they only take 25 minutes from start to finish. You are going to want to save this recipe to enjoy this fall!

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The Best Easy Chicken Enchiladas with Homemade Sauce

Chicken Enchiladas

When I think of the perfect home cooked meal, I am imagining anything saucy, flavorful and cheesy. These enchiladas are all of those things and then so much more, and that’s why they are called The Best Easy Chicken Enchiladas. The homemade sauce is really what makes these enchiladas. Making homemade enchilada sauce is really a very easy thing to do, and it is so much better than the stuff you can find at the grocery store. This is an excellent weeknight dinner recipe that comes together quickly, but tastes like something that took a lot longer to make.

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