Carrot Cake Cookie and Cream Cheese Icing Sandwiches

I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a great Easter dessert to share with you guys. Of course carrot cake was what I kept thinking about, and I absolutely love carrot cake, but I feel like there are already so many amazing carrot cake recipes out there. I was inspired to do something different. I had the idea to do carrot cake cookies, and I worked on a recipe for those. I was ready to roll with that, but then I started to realize that one of the best parts of carrot cake, for me, is the cream cheese icing. Don’t get me wrong, these cookies are delicious on their own, but I just felt like I would miss that icing. Then I decided, why not have the cookies AND the icing?

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Spiral Ham with a Brown Sugar, Honey & Dijon Glaze

Spiral Ham with a brown sugar, honey and dijon glaze.

The first time I hosted an Easter brunch at my house, I was terrified because I had never prepared a ham. It has always been one of those things that my Nanny took care of, and she does it so well that there really isn’t a need for anyone else to know how. After we moved out of state though, we started hosting different holidays at our house and I had to learn quickly. I found a recipe similar to this one online somewhere, and it has evolved into this Spiral Ham with a Brown Sugar, Honey & Dijon Glaze.

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