Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars – A Favorite

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake

I have a fun idea! Let’s take two of THE BEST desserts and make one ultra amazing, spectacular and scrumptious dessert! This Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake is an amazing sweet treat that anyone who has taste buds is sure to love. This is a great dessert to impress anyone or just to enjoy all by yourself. Save this recipe – you are definitely going to want it for later!

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Chewy Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies – Perfectly Soft!

Chewy Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Go ahead and tell me a dessert that is more classic and more loved than chocolate chip cookies. I’ll wait…. That’s right, there isn’t one. These Chewy Jumbo Chocolate Chip cookies are perfectly soft, easy to make and the perfect size to have “just one” cookie and actually be satisfied! This is a recipe that I have been making for years, and people always eat them faster than I can make them. Try these cookies out today – you will be glad you did!

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Nutella Chocolate Chunk Cookies – Rich, Easy & Delicious

Nutella Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Calling all Nutella lovers!! These Nutella Chocolate Chunk Cookies are rich, chocolatey and loaded with that rich chocolate-hazelnut goodness. Making these cookies is quick and easy, and your house will smell AMAZING while they are in the oven! My seven year old son is a self-proclaimed Nutella expert, and even he says that these cookies are “the best thing ever!”.

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Chewy M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies – Soft and Delicious

Chewy M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies

There really aren’t many desserts that are better than warm homemade chocolate chip cookies. Something about them just makes me feel like a kid again. My kids (like most others) go crazy for M&M’s, so I decided to take our favorite chocolate chip cookies and add some in to create these Chewy M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies. These cookies are so soft, chewy and delicious, that both the kids and adults in your family will be begging you to make them over and over again. These are great for bake sales, parties or just a random weekday. You can also make a large batch of the cookie dough, scoop it, freeze it and save it for later. Go ahead and save this one now, because it may just be your new go-to cookie recipe!

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Brookie Cupcakes with Cookie Dough Frosting

Brookie cupcakes with cookie dough frosting

If you have never heard the term “brookie”, let me explain. Anything that is described as brookie is a combination of brownie and cookie. I have taken super chocolatey brownie batter and classic chocolate chip cookie dough and combined them to make a “cupcake”. I then created a decadent chocolate chip cookie dough frosting and put a hefty scoop of it on top of each cupcake. These brookie cupcakes with cookie dough frosting may just be my family’s new favorite dessert!

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Chocolate Chip Muffins – The Perfect Bakery Style Breakfast

Homemade chocolate chips muffins topped with sparkling sugars

Muffins are such an amazing baked good, because they are perfect for any time of day! It is acceptable to have them for breakfast, as a snack or as a dessert. I shared my recipe for Birthday Cake Muffins a couple weeks ago, and I took that recipe and modified it just slightly to give you this Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe. My kids go crazy for these muffins, and to be honest my husband and I love them as well. Try this recipe out today and your family will love them too!

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Butterfinger Cookie Bars

Three butterfinger cookie bars stacked on top of each other

If you love butterfinger bars, you have come to the right place! These butterfinger cookie bars have a peanut butter cookie base and a creamy topping of sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips and crushed butterfingers. This is the perfect dessert recipe for a party as the bars are easy to slice and serve.

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Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Spoonful of edible chocolate chip cookie dough

Everyone knows that the best part of making homemade cookies is eating the dough. If you are like me, you have always eaten that stuff by the shovelful without ever thinking twice about salmonella or E. coli. I may not be concerned about giving myself food poisoning, but I am now responsible for the lives of four little ones, and they love cookie dough just as much as I do. This edible chocolate chip cookie dough recipe will satisfy your cookie dough craving without the risk of dying because of it.

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