Barbecue Chicken Pasta

One of the things that I prepare, that my husband loves most, is my barbecue chicken pizza. I really enjoy it as well, but I wanted to change things up a bit. I decided to take that recipe and create something new out of it. This pasta is easy enough to make for a weeknight dinner, kid friendly and also super flavorful at the same time. The chicken, barbecue sauce, pasta and cheese all come together to create something so tasty, and the cilantro and green onion round this dish off with exactly the flavors it needs.

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Barbecue Chicken Pizza – A Delicious Family Favorite

barbecue chicken pizza

One day, soon after my husband and I first got married, I had a craving for barbecue chicken pizza. I went into the kitchen and threw one together with what I had on hand. Based on my husbands reaction, you would have thought that I had spent hours in the kitchen making the most gourmet meal in the world. I just went along with it and let him think I had done something miraculous. The thing is – this pizza is super easy and so delicious. Years later, we are still eating it on a regular basis!

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