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Things are definitely different around the world, and also in this house. I hope anyone who is reading this is staying both safe and healthy! I have gone from a crazy busy wife, stay-at-home mom and blogger with four small kids to all of that PLUS a teacher. I have spent so many hours online searching for resources to help me (try) to aid my kids in getting a great education, and I thought I would compile some of my findings into a list of educational websites with free printable worksheets that my kids actually enjoy!

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My favorite Educational Websites with Free Printable Worksheets that your kids will actually enjoy:

Greg Tang Math

I learned about Tang Math from my oldest son. His teacher uses a lot of their resources at school, so I decided to check the website out. There are a lot of fun math challenges and games that your kids can do on the website, and there are also free printable worksheets under the “resources” tab. This website has TONS of printable worksheets and games that will help your kids learn the main operations of math in a fun and challenging way.

Whimsy Workshop Teaching

Whimsy Workshop Teaching has both free and paid resources. This website has lots of craft and active teaching resources as well as free printables. You will need to sign up for their email list to receive the free materials. My kindergartener really likes their secret sentences.

Mashup Math

Mashup Math is another website that I learned about through my son’s teacher. My son is all about math, so he loves the puzzles that this site has. There are lots of emoji riddles, kind of like the ones that rotate around facebook. The best part of the games and worksheets from Mashup Math are that they come with an answer key. You will be very thankful for this as some of them are pretty challenging. The material on this site is appropriate for grades 1-9, so there should be something for most kids.


Coloring Squared

Coloring Squared may just be the site that we have used the most during this quarantine. My kids are obsessed with the color by numbers, and I don’t even think they realize that they are learning while they do them. I can keep my kids occupied with stuff from Coloring Squared for HOURS! I really love that there are regular color by numbers, and also color by addition, multiplication etc. There are a lot of other great resources on this site as well.

Teaching Squared

Teaching squared seems to be a sister site of Coloring Squared. Teaching squared has TONS of free printables for all subjects and for all elementary age levels. I love this website because a lot of the worksheets they have are based on video games, movies and characters that most kids love. My son loves the Fornite materials, and my daughter loves the great Disney stuff.

K5 Learning

K5 Learning has free worksheets for just about any subject you can think of. Even though it is called K5 Learning, it seems like there is material for grades K-6. While the stuff on this site may not be as fun as some of the other sites, you should be able to find resources for just about any subject you kids need help with. I really like the Reading Comprehension worksheets as this is an area that my son struggles with.

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If you know of any other tried and true websites for our new way of life, please let me know! Also, I would love to hear what you think of this post and the sites I have listed in it in the comments below. Thank you! – Regan

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